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The most useful tips to have a good start when cricket betting (or not lose everything)

How to get into cricket betting without losing everything


How can I start with cricket betting?


First, you do not need to be a sports fan to start with sports betting or cricket betting as well. In fact, most of the time, sports fans are the ones who lose direction when sports betting because of the emotional factors: they are into a specific team and it cricket beating tips makes people not to focus on the bet.

Nowadays, it is possible to start betting on any sport you want: bowling, soccer, cricket, horse races and many others. It is important for you to decide what sport are you going to gamble on, in order to be clear what kind of wager you want to master.

Now, we have some useful tips you can apply when online cricket betting but remember that the most important advice is to play wisely when doing that. When you bet with cleverness, you have more winning chances, believe or not.

Recommendations that are useful when sports betting


Have you decided to start in the world of cricket betting, for example? You are right because it is a very effective way to make more money. As told before, it’s more than something emotional about the teams, when you bet, money is the aim.

If you want to win a lot, you must know how to do it, avoid beginners’ mistakes, and prepare the ground for future significant earnings.

However, you must be careful when sports betting because they can make you lose money. To help you, there are some tips to get you off to a good start in your sports betting practice. Some recommendations are obvious, but listening to them (or rather, reading them) again will allow you to avoid making mistakes.

  2. 1. Just stake what you can afford to lose: If you are going to start, you might say to yourself ""come on, I'm going to deposit $1000.00 on such-and-such a site and start betting"". However, it's more complicated than that. There are several sports betting sites with different odds, so it is recommended that you register on several sites. In addition, each one will offer you a welcome bonus to encourage you to sign up.
  4. Your first deposit should take this into account. Even tough, something very important to consider: your starting capital. You must decide the amount that will constitute your capital. This amount will determine the amount available for your bets. Generally, it is recommended to bet only 1% of the bankroll (the capital).
  6. The 1% seems insignificant, but this allows you to recover your losses. And you will have losses, believe me. Sometimes it can be weeks of losses in a row. So, if you put 10% of your capital each time, you will run out as soon as the snow melts in the sun, and your sports betting career will rapidly end. So, the first and most important sports betting tip is the following:
  8. Create a bankroll that you can eventually lose and control your bankroll by betting only small amounts (1% or at least 2%).
  10. Accept that you are going to lose lots of bets: Losing sports bets is part of becoming an expert when sports betting. It is normal. Some people lose more than others, it depends on the bets they have placed. Then, you must be willing to lose, there is no other alternative, because this is going to be part of your day to day life. No professional bettor wins in the long run with 80 or 90% of successful bets.
  12. Pros are more like 40 to 60%, which is not bad. Because unfortunately (or fortunately), you can't predict the outcome of a game. It's impossible. Unless you pay the sportsmen themselves. You must consider so many parameters that will influence the outcome of the game. Parameters that you don't control.
  14. Sometimes, luck too. Despite of all the sports betting tips you have read, you will be accumulating losing bets. A lot of them. Maybe too many for your liking. Even tough, that's where you can go from being an amateur to a toss prediction professional bettor. An amateur will stop, while a professional bettor will understand that this is the result of changes, and that if your betting system is good, then it will increase again. There are times when you will be luckier and times when you will be less lucky. And it does not always depend on you.
  16. 2. Control your own emotions: A good bettor knows how to keep emotions under control. For example, if you are a Barcelona team fan, you will need to be able to bet on Real Madrid when the case arises. Even if you are on a bad losing streak, you will remember the first sports betting tip and continue to bet only 1% of your bankroll (capital), instead of trying to recover and bet 10% of your money at once (which you shall probably lose). Controlling your feelings is one of the keys to winning money in sports betting.
  18. 3. Select your bookmakers wisely: We know you were waiting for this tip. Choosing the right sports betting site is the top recommendation you will ever hear. Every website could look similar, but when you start looking you realize that each site has its own characteristics, its sports where it outshines. There are sites that have more interesting and less restrictive welcome bonuses. And others allow you to bet even if you have won several times. Contrary to other sites that block you if you have won too much (because for them it means loss of money).
  20. 4. There are more sports than soccer: You think you know a lot about soccer, so you are going to place your wager on soccer. But remember, you must ignore emotions. You must gamble analytically. Moreover, soccer is the most studied sport by bookmakers, so the odds are very precise and very well chosen. Contrary to other sports where, due to lack of knowledge, bookmakers may not evaluate the different possible outcomes and it is possible to make a good deal. So be careful with your soccer predictions. Take your time to analyze well, measure everything, etcetera. That is part of gambling wisely and scientifically.
  22. 5. Look out of combined sports bets: A current modality is to combine several bets; it is about combined stakes. By taking a few safe bets (with a low odd, for example, 1.30) and combining them, you can easily double your bet. However, the multiplication of the matches makes the outcome of the bet much more uncertain. It is enough that one of the matches on which you bet does not have the expected result, and that's all the bet you lose. Therefore, it is necessary to use the combined bets in a smart way, and without betting everything.
  24. 6. Start on paper: Among all the sports betting tips on this list, be sure this one that will surprise you. But first, it is recommended not to bet for real. Train yourself on an Excel file or a sheet of paper. Your first 100 or 200 bets will allow you to improve your technique, see what went wrong and after all measure your progress and see if you really won something. Your first 100 or 200 bets, because you could be impatient. But it should really be your first 400 or 500 bets on paper. Just to make sure and to avoid the variance effect you saw above. So, how to gamble for the best? Make your first bets on paper when you are into sports betting. It will allow you to improve your stakes.
  25. Follow an expert: You don't need to analyze the matches yourself. After all, your goal is to make money, no matter what. You can follow one or several professional bettors. That's what many people do. It will cost you some money, as they often offer you a paid subscription, but once you have found the good one, your investment in the subscription is profitable. But make sure to choose a good expert, not a fake one. To make a good choice, you should look at the following characteristics: There is a verifiable report, a track record of at least 1000 verifiable bets. On this, its good results may be due to the variance. In addition, it has an interesting ROI, above 5% if possible and it is easy to follow. If it sends you the forecasts five minutes before a match, it will be more complicated and maybe not convenient for you.

Conclusions: sports betting tips for you

As you can see, there are several tips you can practice when sports betting, but to summarize all of them, we can tell you that is important to be wise, analytical and serious. Do not bet based on emotions, base your stakes on data and precise information.

So, are you going to start soon? Remember that a great way to get started with sports betting is when you register at a sports betting websites. Gambling online is a great way to begin. That’s why you must visit FUN 88 and start discovering the best of sports betting right there!

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