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10 tricks to win the lottery faster

Lottery tips to win easily


So, is it possible to win the lottery?


It is so important to know that before learning how to win the lottery, to know what it is all about: The lottery (whatever its modality and the country in which it is played) is a game that many people believe only depends on chance, but this is not true.

Its objective is to play the number or combinations of numbers that will be drawn from more than 45 million possibilities approximately. This last figure makes you think that this is very, very difficult, but it will never be impossible.

To win in the lottery you must start by stopping giving "luck" so much importance and start carrying out precise methods and strategies such as observation, mathematics, patience, and perseverance.

On the web, you can find thousands of sites with hundreds of ways that tell you how to win the lottery: the pendulum, the star, the tables, numerology, or the Egyptian system. No one knows if they work but there is a system that does work, and it is proven because hundreds of people have tried it and have won a lot of money with it.

The best strategy to win the lottery

The smartest strategy to try to win the lottery is to check out statistics and work with them. How can you do that? By studying and adding up the actions that have helped other people to win the lottery.

In other words, the best method to win the lottery is to create a combination of winning numbers that have a higher probability of being drawn.

Some tricks to increase your possibilities of winning the lottery

  2. Trick 1: Buy tickets in bulk: This trick might seem obvious to you, but it is not. If you increase the purchase of tickets and tickets, you will also increase your chances of winning the jackpot. You should consider the lottery as an investment in which your return will grow as more and more members join to pool their funds, buy tickets and share the profits. But be careful. Never spend more than your finances allow.
  4. Tip 2: Always keep the same combination: Now, you are buying your lottery tickets, don't let a machine or the manager pick the numbers for you. On the other hand, once you choose your combinations, stick to them. Do not vary combinations, as it has been proven that doing so decreases your odds.
  6. Each time you choose a new number, it is as if you were starting over. Intuition makes us believe that by varying the combination of numbers in each draw, the chances increase and that is not true: if you change the combination from draw to draw, your chances decrease. To verify this, you can do a simple experiment: Choose a number between 1 and 6 and roll a die ten times. Write down all the results. Now roll it ten more times, this time choosing a different number each time. You will see that when you chose the same number, your successes were greater than when you chose one each time.
  8. Trick 3: Don't consider combinations that have already been winners: The sweepstakes system was designed so that: a) each number has the same probability of being drawn. b) no winning combinations are reiterated. This means that each winning combination drawn in one draw is virtually ruled out for the next draw. The probabilities of a combination winning twice are almost nil and it is much better not to take risks in that sense. If you do find that your combination has already won, then it is better to change it.
  10. Trick 4: Carry out a pattern study: Study a little bit the lottery you are going to play. By studying the previous results, it may be possible to detect a winning trend and apply it. Observe for example which numbers have been winning over a fairly long period of time. When it is detected that a combination of numbers is repeated within a game of chance, it means that a flaw has been found in the system. It would then be possible to predict the behavior or pattern of the game of chance and use it in a beneficial way.
  12. Trick 5: Quitting is NOT an Option. How to win the lottery: tricks to win the lottery. It is likely that you will feel like giving up sometimes, since this is not an exact formula and therefore the results may take time to arrive. When you have that feeling and do not feel the desire to play, do not give up, keep going.
  14. Some studies have confirmed that the average time people had to play to win important prizes was two years. On the other hand, it is likely that in less than that time, if you follow these tricks, you will win some minor prize. Remember: The only way to have 0% chance of winning the lottery, is when you do not play.
  16. Trick 6: Keep in mind the Lucky and Unlucky Numbers. Studying the lottery, you are going to play in particular is the main key, but anyway this trick can be useful: There are certain historical statistics worldwide that give information about the amount of times the numbers have been drawn.
  18. This data reveals which are the luckiest and the least lucky numbers globally and therefore you could use this information to build your number combinations to increase your chances of winning the lottery.
  20. According to experts, the 03, 13, 17, 25, 26, 33 and 35 are the most frequent lottery winning numbers in lotteries around the world. Consider this fact to build your combinations. There is a general agreement that the combinations ending in 5 have higher probabilities, since they have won more frequently.
  22. The number 5 also has a presence among the last three luckiest winning numbers: 518, 295 and 457. On the other hand, 10, 14, 24, 30, 36, 38 and 42 are the numbers that have been drawn less frequently worldwide, so you could also take this information into account. You could also use this trick in the specific lottery you are going to play, finding out which have been their "lucky" and "unlucky" numbers throughout the time. You could get this information from their website if they have one.
  24. Tip 7: Don't use numbers that correspond to special events: Using special events such as birthdays, anniversaries, marriages, engagements and many others, to elaborate number combinations, is not a good method since it excludes all those numbers that are above 31, which is the maximum number that a month can have.
  26. Besides, with this method we would be working with very fixed combinations of numbers such as 04/10/ 78 for example, which cover a very poor spectrum of the total of possible combinations. When choosing the combinations, we must be able to choose within the whole available field of numbers, which guarantees us a greater variety and therefore more chances of winning.
  28. Another important aspect is to never make sense of the numbers. We all know there are some numbers that surely symbolize something special for you, it is normal, everyone has them, but holding on to them will not be useful at all because numbers always end up being just numbers. Think about it like this: The probability that a winning combination is made up entirely of numbers that represent something important to you is almost zero. If it were, then you would have already won the lottery once.
  30. Trick 8: Control your investment and keep re-investing. When you win a smaller prize, re-invest part of your winnings in more tickets, using the same system and the same combination of numbers. If you win the jackpot, it is up to you whether you want to continue investing in the lottery or not. If you decide to continue, continue with the same system, but change the combination. Seeing the lottery as an investment is the key.
  32. Even if your initial return is very modest, then the good returns start to show. That is why we should always invest within our possibilities. Although it is proven that buying more tickets increases the chances of winning the lottery, it will be useless if you lose all your capital quickly by investing uncontrollably.
  34. Trick 9: Bet on two consecutive numbers. Studies show that the winning combinations of numbers contain a high percentage of two consecutive numbers. This is a very interesting fact that you could consider when creating your combination. If you do so, choose only two consecutive numbers (27, 28...) or none. This means that you should never make it with three consecutive numbers or more, since a very low percentage of winning combinations contained three or more consecutive numbers.
  36. Trick 10: Use a "Wheel System". There is a system called "wheel system" that states that if you combine a fixed number with others, the chances of winning increase. For example: if your chosen number is 17, you could combine it in three different games like this: 17-13-11, 12-17-34, 54-86-17. The aim of this system is to combine a chosen number that will remain fixed, with other numbers forming different sequences.

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